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System Integration Engineer
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System Integration Engineer

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System Integration Engineer

Main job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the configuration and debugging of the driving simulator software system
2. Responsible for the automated design and integration of the driving simulator operating system
3. Responsible for writing customized software interfaces and test conditions programs according to customer needs
4. Production Process, operation and maintenance after sale of various technologies, processes, quality problems, hidden dangers and rationalization suggestions are summarized
5. Responsible for system integration, debugging and training of customer delivery equipment
6. Responsible for collecting driving simulator development trend information And analysis, organize internal company training, technical exchanges
7, take charge of other peripheral work


Teaching experience :
● Automation, software engineering, computer and other related majors, bachelor degree or above
● Graduates with relevant project development work experience or internship period can also consider (intern)
work experience and skills qualification requirements:
● 3 Years or above related system integration design experience, excellent system analysis, architecture design capabilities
● Familiar with windows operating system and network configuration and maintenance
● Familiar with Linux language and can perform network configuration in linux environment
● Familiar with Labview, Labwindows software, with Labview Programming application experience
● Familiar with project management, cost control and other aspects of work, with strong communication skills and coordination skills and ability to solve problems
● Good English professional materials reading and writing skills, good at writing technical documents
● Integrity, customer awareness, With innovative and active learning awareness and ability, good team spirit and strong execution ability
● Can withstand strong work pressure and adapt to business trips


Job benefits:
Working location:
● Changshu High-tech Industrial Development Zone
● May travel to other provinces, cities and even other countries in China.
Job benefits:
● Salary: Negotiable salary. In addition, quarterly performance and year-end bonuses are issued based on performance.
● Sign a formal labor contract with the company, and the company pays five insurances and one gold.
● The company provides free working lunch or lunch subsidy.
● Gift: Employee’s birthday gift will be distributed.
● Holiday activities: company sports meeting , Annual meeting, outdoor development and other team building activities
career development opportunities:
● Management direction: -> engineering manager -> engineering director and other senior management positions
● Technical direction: -> senior I Chengshi -> professor-level senior engineer -> chief engineer


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