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Sales Manager

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Sales Manager

Main job responsibilities:
1. Decompose sales task objectives, formulate sales plans, implement sales activities, complete sales tasks
2, team management
3. develop new customers, feedback new market needs
4. maintain customer relationships
5. assist in completing market planning and product management Wait for work
6. Other temporary tasks


Job requirements:
Teaching experience :
● Mechanical, automotive, electrification, marketing, business management and other related professional
work experience and skills qualification requirements:
● At least 5 years of sales experience
in the field of products and engineering services ● In the whole Car OEM and important customers have a certain business relationship
● Familiar with Linux language, and can configure the network in linux environment
● Goal-oriented, focused on work
● Strong market analysis and insight
● Strong professionalism, efficient Communication skills; able to withstand strong work pressure and adapt to business trips
● Courage to challenge yourself, responsible, enterprising, strong customer service consciousness
● Ability to withstand strong work pressure and adapt to business trips


Job benefits:
Working location:
● Changshu High-tech Industrial Development Zone
● May travel to other provinces, cities and even other countries in China.
Job benefits:
● Salary: Negotiable salary. In addition, according to individual performance and executive performance, options and performance bonuses are issued
● Sign a formal labor contract with the company, the company pays five insurances and one gold
● The company provides free working lunch or lunch subsidies
● Gifts: employees will be given birthday gifts on birthdays
● Holidays Activities:
Professional development opportunities such as sports meets, company travel, team building, outdoor development, year-end party, etc .:
● Management direction:->Senior Manager/Director


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