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Recruitment position

One senior sales manager

Job description:
1. Conduct market research and inspection analysis, formulate the company's sales policy and sales strategy
2. Formulate the annual sales budget and plan based on the company's overall strategy, supervise the implementation of the entire sales process, complete the sales task
3. Establish and adjust the company's marketing organization, Market segment establishment, expansion, and adjustment of the marketing network
4. Planning the overall operation of the company’s sales system, establishing and improving system rules and regulations, and promoting the standardization of the company’s sales system management
5. Formulating corporate products and corporate brand promotion programs, and supervising the implementation
6 、Participate in market planning, product management and other work
7.Develop and maintain and coordinate the relationship between enterprises, suppliers and customers 8.Responsible
for company exhibitions and product meetings
9.Handle market crisis public relations

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1 sales manager

Job description:
1. Decompose the sales task objectives, formulate sales plans, implement sales activities, complete sales tasks
2, team management
3. develop new customers, feedback new market needs
4, maintain customer relationships
5, assist in completing market planning, product management, etc. Work
6. Other temporary tasks

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One system integration engineer

Job description:
1. Responsible for the configuration and debugging of the driving simulator software system
2. Responsible for the automatic design and integration of the driving simulator operating system
3. Responsible for writing customized software interfaces and test conditions programs according to customer needs
4. For the production process 2. Various technical, process, quality problems, hidden dangers and rationalization suggestions existing in after-sales operation and maintenance.
5. Responsible for system integration, commissioning and training of customer-delivered equipment.
6. Responsible for collecting and developing driving simulator development trend information. Analyze, organize internal company training, technical exchanges
7, take charge of other peripheral work

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